Communications Act

A list of station senior/executive management (names and titles) and contact information:

General Manager / Executive Director
Jimmy Torres:

Chief Financial Officer
Maria Colon:

Head of Development
Jimmy Torres:

Head of Programming
Carlos Camunas:

Head of Production
Ezequiel Rodriguez:

Head of Engineering
Rafael Acosta:

Head of Community Outreach
Isabel Pichardo:

Head of Educational Services
Jimmy Torres:

Head of Interactive / Web Services
Amarilys Oyola:

Head of Marketing / Promotion
Vilma Reyes:

A list of the members of its Board of Directors:

Director of the School of Communication
Dr. Jimmy Torres

Music Department, Humanities Professor
Dra. Nora Ponte

Lawyer knowledgeable in Television & Radio Laws
Prof . Ivette González Buitrago, J.D., L.L.M.

Claustral in representation of the University community
Dr. Jose Sanchez Lugo

Claustral in representation of the University community
Dra. Ana Quijano

Chancellor’s Office Representative
Gabriel Saker

General Student Council Representative
María de los M. Colón Cruz

General Student Council Representative
Jean Rene Santiago

The Board of Directors can be reached at:

A list of the members of the CAB (for stations that maintain a CAB either by requirement or by choice):

• The Acting Board selected a CAB from its members but at this moment the certification of these members has not been made public yet. But it will be available as soon the semester start at the third week of January.

The date, time, and place of all open meetings as determined by the Communications Act (see 47 U.S.C. § 396(k)(4)):

• To be announced in January 2014 as soon as they establish the New Year agenda. We will post it as soon we have the dates.

Its most recent Audited Financial Statements:

• PDF file here

Information about how to obtain copies of annual financial reports:

• Cadena Radio Universidad de Puerto Rico file all financial documents at the administrative office. They are ready for inspection upon request of any person or legal institutions that wants to review any of the them.

If Grantee files its own IRS Form 990, the most current IRS Form 990:
If Grantee is not required by the IRS to file an IRS Form 990, compensation information, unless prohibited by law, comparable to the information outlined in the IRS Form 990 Part VII A, and contractor compensation in IRS Form 990 Part VII B.

• Actually Cadena Radio Universidad de Puerto Rico does not file any
IRS Form 990.

The available certification for the exempt us from IRS Form 990 it’s in Spanish at the moment we will post an English translation as soon as possible (See document here).

Its annual report on local content and services included in the Grantee’s 2013 SAS (to be completed in early 2014) on its content and services that serve local needs, and analysis about the reach and impact of the local services in its community. 

Since at this moment we are not able to locate the 2013 SAS we will post the SAS 2014 by the middle of February when it will be due.


Prepared by:

Jim Torres Ph.D.
Acting Station Manager


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